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sábado, 5 de abril de 2014


For this new episode, we present you an exclusive set by Gus - Moog Club (Bcn).
GUS has played in many clubs of Barcelona and he is a resident dj with Omar Leon at Moog Club.
He has worked other residences in clubs likes La Paloma ( until its closure ) and Nitsa sessions , Fellini, Becool , La Terraza , Moviedisco , City Hall, KGB ... and at festivals such as Sonar (2004 and 2007) , Monegros 2007 ( which made ​​the CD Mix of this edition ) , Palmfest 2011 ( Tarragona) , PLUG Festival ( 2010) , Electric Picnic ( Ireland) , FISC ... has also played in several clubs and cities of spain , as well as several visits to Ireland in clubs like Club Pogo (Dublin ) and Horans (ex -Transmission ) in Tralee among others.
In his session, seeks to create a hypnotic but highly danceable atmosphere through all aspects of techno and he has predilection for productions with high doses of hypnosis and darkness
Atworks: Mercedes Antona
Photo By: Evgen Bavca
Track list :
01-TR NCH  (MARIANAWAX000)  Challenger Deep
02- KERRIDGE  (DNKLP01)  Death Is Upon Us
03- GESLOTEN CIRKEL  (BH002)  Hole (Transportation AAD Remix)
04- HISS: 1292  -  An Ethereal World Created Through The Poetic Imagination
05- BLIND OBSERVATORY  (IY003)  And The Flying Saucer
06- KOBOSIL  (UNTERTON5)  Osmium
07- HEADLESS HORSEMAN  (HH003)  Northfield Lane
08- GIORGIO GIGLI & OBTANE  (PP039)  Industrial Assaults (RROSE Remix)
09- JOY BOKS  (JOYBOKS01)  Yma
10- ANTON ZAP  (VDR001.5) Modernization
12- TOM DICICCIO  (COR006)  Give It Back
13- RICH ODDIE  (SFLTD004)  Bloodstream  
14- KOBOSIL  (RK3)  Emil
15- AUDIO INJECTION  (DROID16)  Deep Thought
16- TRIPEO  (TRIP004)  Untitled 7
17- YAC  (IY002)  Intercept
18- BAS MOOY  (MORD004)  Rage
19- RHYTMIC THEORY  (THEORY002)  Genesis

Enjoy it!!